Economy index

The Economic Index changes every three months, and the arrow adjustments take place every 5 days (on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th day). When the phase changes as explained in the content, the overall indicators change.

Economic Deterioration -> Greater chance of shrinking the total market pie in the stock market, increased likelihood of a general decline in real estate.

Economic Improvement -> Greater chance of increasing the total market pie in the stock market, increased likelihood of a general rise in real estate.

manage mode

The stock market has a market size allocated to each sector.

When the game starts, the companies listed in the game start with a market share of about 2~4 percent of the total market.

As the game progresses, companies expand their slice of the market every month by investing in research and marketing with the amount left after wages and fixed costs.

This management proposal mode opens when you become the majority shareholder (owning more than 50%).

In this mode, the size of the total market and the current total market share, which you have been curious about, are displayed.

Here, you can see specific information about the economic index mentioned above.


Just because the economic indicators are not good or are good, it doesn't always mean that they will go down or up. As a correlation, when viewed on a monthly basis, it may seem to be declining due to reduced company sales and shrinking evaluations, but as you can see in the picture below, there are many instances where it surges for a short period of time.

In this game, the primary criterion for the system to evaluate a company's stock value is the Price-Earnings Ratio (PER).

Of course, in the real market, a variety of factors combine to determine value, but in this game, the standard of primary value is earnings per share and value.

* Trends exist within each sector. If the PER of the first and second rank in market share within the sector is high, other stocks also tend to be influenced by this, and the whole sector tries to equalize upwards. Conversely, if the stock prices of the first and second rank continue to decline, other stock prices also tend to have a decreasing reference point.

Futures Market

The futures market is related to the stock market. However, it doesn't perfectly match because the very meaning of futures is a leading market. Therefore, there are slight differences, but they are not significantly different. (The correlation with the stock market is 50%)

This is also related to economic indicators, the reason being it's tied to stock prices.

However, just like the stock market, it doesn't always decline in a downturn, nor does it always rise during an uptrend.

It's important to make predictions and investments with some reference.

(For instance, even in a downturn, if there's mass buying or many successful events riding the trend, there can be cases where the index surges significantly.)

Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market is fundamentally high-risk, high-return. The reason we set a limit of 40 days is not only due to the consumption of gold bars, but also to prevent long-term investments.

In the cryptocurrency market, there are seven phases in total:

1,2 Phase sharp decline - 3,4,5 Phase sideways movement - 6,7 Phase major bull market.

In the worst-case scenario, phase 1 sees a maximum decrease of up to -65% over three days, and phase 7 sees a maximum increase of up to 210% over three days.

However, the phases are not fixed and usually have a duration of 1 to 5 days.

If 6 or 7 phases overlap after a series of 7 phases, a coin with a value of about 0.3 can rise to over 100 gold.

But, if phases 1 and 2 overlap, the value of 100 gold can drop close to delisting in one go.

However, since we have set the upward phase high, if the market overall moves sideways, it will gradually decline and delist, and return with a new coin.

Only those who aim for short-term scalping should participate.

Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit is not a savings account. It's a one-time deposit where you receive all the interest at the end of the term. 

Essentially, the bank takes your money and loans it to someone else, and you receive the interest (profit) from that loan. 

For the average person, it can be difficult to directly lend money and there may be debtors who do not want to repay their debts. So, this is a way to invest without having to worry about those aspects. Of course, this also exists in reality.

However, the difference between reality and our game is that our game calculates all interest on a monthly basis, meaning it compounds. A 3-month contract has a 5% monthly interest rate, a 6-month contract has a 6% rate, and a 12-month contract has a 7% rate.

If you cancel the contract halfway through, you will only receive the principal.

The intention of developing this feature was to inform players that there is a safe route in the rapidly changing in-game market.

Fairy Capital

This place is only accessible to those in debt. It becomes activated when your total value falls below -15 million.

What's available here are large-scale loans and debt deletion.

The interest rate of Fairy Capital's loans is higher than that of lower-level loans, and it is compounded. That's why if you take out a loan for three years, even with a small initial loan, you end up with about 1000% of the loan amount. Debt deletion involves converting the total amount of all debts, including those of Fairy Capital, into gold bars and removing them.

Normally, this wouldn't be a part of an earnest player's journey. However, users who are searching for bugs or who want a fast quantum leap might use this feature. If you've spent lavishly from the beginning, your debt will exceed 20 million after two months. In this situation, you can take a loan from Fairy Capital, use the borrowed money to buy real estate, and then use that as collateral to take out another loan to buy more land.

P.S. This game was initially designed for sheer enjoyment. During the initial phases, numerous players faced bankruptcy, primarily due to accumulating debts that, when compounded, ate away at their principal capital. This was a result of some users neglecting the significance of their liabilities. The idea for a solution was inspired by a once-popular webcomic in Korea titled "Capitalism Ho!". But, the solution's lenient debt relief conditions unintentionally encouraged players to aggressively expand in real estate, construction, and take on excessive loans. Consequently, I found it necessary to increase the cost associated with settling debts, rendering this approach no longer economically viable. It's quite regrettable.


We tried to make the real estate auction as similar to the real market as possible. 

The following content usually applies similarly in most countries. 

However, currently, the absence period can extend beyond 20 days, so there might be quite a few cases where the remaining balance is not properly paid. 

Due to this, we plan to reduce the absence period to 15 days and, when participating in an auction, we intend to display a warning message and prevent the process from rolling over to the next month.

Fixed Completed.

Ranking System

The ranking system is a place in the gaming world where surplus resources are used when there's nothing else to do.

You may also participate to make a name for yourself.

The top ranker can announce their nickname as the previous week's number one for a week.

We manage the logs for the ranking records.

Normally, any irregularities registered through cracking are handled with automatic bans.

We also check and handle things that are not automatically judged through logs.

Even if you spent a large sum of money on ranking last week and received legitimacy, if it's detected and judged as cracking the next week, the previous week's first place will also be revoked.

Though it may seem difficult to place a large sum of money, if your luck and timing of purchase are good, you may be able to bet big and win.

* If you use YouTube or Twitch in the ranking, you can use your nickname for that; we won't ban it unless it's really strange.

(Profanity or indecent language is, of course, not allowed.)

**Additionally, the basic cash, deposit in the coin market, and deposit in the futures market are limited to a maximum of 9,000,000,000,000,000,000.

*Caution: Please avoid using important personal numbers as your nickname or password to stay on the safe side.

That concludes all explanations.

Please enjoy playing!