Update Note  August 24th, 2023


Update Note  August 2nd, 2023

We apologize for the delay in the update. The review has been passed, and the release has been carried out.

- Adjusted the job promotion speed in the game

- Dividends will now be paid in March, June, September, and December

- Added the in-app purchase to remove ads

- Reduced the offline progress from 20 days to 15 days

- When succeeding in an auction bid, the offline time stops at the point when the final payment is possible

- Added daily login rewards, distributed near midnight UTC time

   * The daily reward can be obtained by activating the absence progression option in Speed Tap .

- Added a time jump feature

- Adjusted the price of system stock predictions

- Fixed an issue where incorrect information was displayed when refreshing the building ownership status tab multiple times

- Adjusted the number of cells that can be purchased in the ranking system

- Adjusted the balance of the in-game virtual cryptocurrency market


We have fixed the issue where ranking nicknames could only consist of English letters and numbers.


We have integrated the ranking server with iOS. The old server will be terminated after one month week, and if you do not update, you will no longer be able to register in the ranking.

We're sorry for making you wait so long.

We're providing coupon codes.

The codes are 'capitalism1' and 'sygame'.

To use the code, you can click the gear icon in the upper right corner, and there you will find a code tab. You can enter the code there.

* We're sorry, but due to Apple's policy, the codes cannot be used on iOS.

With this update, two routes have been introduced:

A route where you wait, checking the stock price daily and progressing slowly, and a route where you progress quickly by using a time jump.

Please play according to your preference :)

Thank you.